Diagnostics Tools for Webmaster

A tool to determine whether a specific Domain or IP address is accessible.
Find out owner of domain name and verify nameserver information
Trace Route
Get the path in real time from the our server to the remote host being contacted
Free Proxy Browser
Browse online anonymously and visit blocked website!
DNS Tools
Get your DNS details such as NS, A, MX, CNAME, TXT record
Bandwidth Calculator
How much Bandwidth you need for your Website or Blog
Check Server Status
Real-time Website UP or DOWN checker and troubleshooting guide
Website Information
Website information tool help you to see all the information AT-A-Glance

Backlink and Pagerank Checker

Backlink Checker
Find the approximate number of backlinks for an existing website.
Pagerank Check
Find the current estimated Google PageRank for a website.
Backlink Compare
Compare the number of backlinks between a website and its competitors.
Pagerank Compare
Compare the estimated page ranks of a website and its competitors.
Backlink Prediction
Calculate a prediction for a website's future backlinks.
Edu Backlink Search
Determine the number of .EDU backlinks for a website. They are usually high in page rank.
Competition Checker
Determine how high a website's competition is.
Gov Backlink Search
Determine the number of .GOV backlinks for a website. They are usually high in page rank.

Keyword and MetaTag Generator

Keyword Generator
Enter a phrase and find tons of top key phrases and key words for a website.
Meta Tag Generator
Generate the HTML code for meta tags based on input data.
Keyword Cleaner
Clean and optimize an existing keyword list. Removes duplicate and poor entries.
Robots Txt Builder
Generate a robots.txt file for a website based on configuration.
Meta Tag Extractor
Extract the meta tags from an existing website based on URL.
Sitemap Generator
Generate a sitemap.xml file for a website with up to a few hundred pages.

DNS and Web Compatibility

Browser Details
Preview the information that websites can see regarding your browser.
Website Speed Test
Use multiple servers to determine the load speed of a webpage.
Mobile Checker
Preview a website's responsive CSS features based on mobile screen sizes.
Header Checker
Check a website's provided header details in order to see if they violate search engine restrictions.

Source, Reference and Lookups

Email Obfuscator
Don't let robots find your email. Turn it into code that robots cannot generally read.
Webpage Size Checker
Check the current size of a web page with our Web Page Size Checker Tool.
Link Analysis
Analyze the links on your webpage and see where you are linking to, and the status.
Indexed Pages Lookup
Find the number of indexed pages on Google for a website.
Source Code Viewer
Preview the source code of a website in a neat formatted editor.
Blog Mentions Lookup
Find the number of times a website was mentioned on a personal blog, such as WordPress.

Other Tools

Blacklist Lookup
Check a website is on any blacklists, including spam-filtering blacklists.
QR Code Generator
Free Online QR Code Generator. Support vCard, WiFi, SMS, Envato, WHOIS and more
Unit Conversion
Free online conversion tool to easily convert wide variety of units.
IP to Location
Find IP address location enter an IP address and Detect City, State, Country with Google Map
Free Favicon Generator
Brand your websites and blog with a custom favicon maker.
Free Password Generator
Generate strong and secure password. Get your password quick and easy for free!
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